Reconsidering digital “visitors” and “residents”

Writing my first blog post (ever) wasn’t a walk in the park as I felt that I struggled to find a happy medium between an informal and formal voice, edging slightly closer to formality. However, I found that reading my colleagues’ posts was extremely useful and will give me more confidence in my next post. What I find particularly fascinating is the diversity of responses; while I chose to focus on White and Cornu’s concept of a digital ‘visitor’ and ‘resident’ compared to the outdated terms used by Prensky, others took a more personal approach and used real world examples. For example, Chris creates a distance between himself, the ‘resident’ and his Mum, ‘the visitor’ which really straightens out both terms. Hannah makes me question my own “motivation” for going online which is an idea I haven’t previously considered, perhaps because I can’t remember a time before we were exposed to the internet. I reside online because I enjoy having an online presence and communicating with other ‘residents’.

Receiving comments was extremely helpful as it provoked me to critically analyse my own train of thought.  Tom made the interesting point that I hadn’t considered work tools such as Google Drive and Padlet which are used by the digital ‘visitor’ AND ‘resident’. In my analysis, I only really considered sites where one resides online and not the sites which fall in between each end of the spectrum and are equally as relevant.

The main idea I am taking away from this first topic is that the concept of a digital ‘visitor’ and ‘resident’ is a continuum and not a means of separation. I enjoy the flexibility of White and Cornu’s typology and like many of us, I am definitely spread across the spectrum and not confined to either extreme.

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