Reflecting on multiple online identities

The most challenging part of blogging about online identities was concluding at 400 words as there is simply so much to say and expand on. I was blown away by my colleagues’ imaginative responses; while I concentrated more on separating the advantages from the disadvantages to reach a conclusion, others focused on specific elements within the topic.

Bryony discusses the benefits of separating our personal and professional identities online which is something I practice myself. Priyanka highlights a very important point in a comment on my blog post that having multiple personalities online may cause the professional to seep into the personal which could affect one’s employability. Bryony’s blog post led me to do some further research as to whether separation is the best decision. In an article, Lopata introduces the idea that we could miss out on massive opportunities by isolating our colleagues from our friends; however I still don’t think I’m convinced, so early on in my career, to mix my personal and professional lives.

Chris raised the point that online anonymity is a scary thought to digital residents nowadays. He makes me question whether anonymity online is a good or bad thing which, surprisingly, is something I had not previously considered. The reason I favour knowing who I am speaking to online is because it makes me feel safer and that I’m communicating with a person with a name and face, and not a robot.

One idea I think most bloggers share is that adopting several online identities is beneficial in our professional and personal lives but in doing so, we are at risk to those who use the internet with spiteful intentions. Whether or not you occupy online identities is a personal decision. I believe that all my online ‘breadcrumbs’ contribute to one overall positive identity so in that sense, I feel like I am using the digital world to my advantage.

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My identity on Instagram
My identity on Instagram
My identity on Facebook
My identity on Facebook
My identity on Twitter
My identity on Twitter
My identity as part of an online community
My identity as part of an online community: Spanish Latin American and Portuguese Society where I am Social Secretary
My Identity on WordPress
My identity on WordPress
My identity on LinkedIn
My identity on LinkedIn

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