Looking back on authentic professional profiles


Topic three’s discussion of developing authentic online profiles was incredibly insightful and plagued with original responses. While I introduced a ‘how to’ approach, others engaged with key areas in developing an authentic personal brand.

Leah made me consider the possible mistakes that we can make as we build our professional profile, such as failing to separate our personal from our professional lives. Ben highlighted the importance of immersing yourself completely in a few networks instead of sprawling yourself across several without devoting time to them.

LinkedIn tells me I'm an expert. Time to work on my twitter!
LinkedIn tells me I’m an expert. Time to work on my twitter!

This made me question my own use of social networking as I tend to devote more time to LinkedIn and Instagram than I do to Twitter and other networks so dedicating more time to the networks I tend to neglect is definitely something I will focus on. Ben’s blog also provoked an interesting discussion about how professional online profiles go way beyond creating an online CV and how, according to Dan Schawbel, due to the dramatic increase in social networking, the CV might even become extinct.

Carrying out my own research and reading my colleagues blogs has made me recognise the value of blogging which I had previously underestimated. Not only does it showcase our skills, but it also demonstrates employable traits such as dedication and creativity.

I received some really encouraging comments on my own blog post. Russell emphasised how our personal brand needs focus and Chris highlighted how it shouldn’t be a ‘clinical, fake persona’ but an honest representation of ourselves as professionals.

And finally, a more personal thought…

Hannah posted a thought-provoking question on my blog, ‘How would you be original?’ Amber Rose’s steps to create a unique personal brand have really helped me to understand how to be authentic. Having six words which represent our identity to plaster all over our social media is a great way to develop our professional profile consistently. The six words that I feel describe me are ambitious, energetic, determined, passionate, honest and creative. I’d also like to thank Hannah for joining in with finding her six words!

The vision of my authentic professional profile and how it will reach out to others
The vision of my authentic professional profile and how it will reach out to an audience

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