Final thoughts on the ethics involved in the use of social media


I was amazed by the vast amount of ethical issues which were covered in topic four’s discussion, so much so that I decided to gather all the ideas that we, as a group, explored in the diagram below.

ethical issues
A summary of all the ethical issues which have been explored by my fellow bloggers and myself in the last fortnight.

I chose to focus on a specific area involving online privacy: whether or not our potential employer has the right to spy on us. I found Lewis’s blog particularly interesting because he discussed a different issue of privacy: whether or not a parent should spy on their child’s online activity. I was surprised to read that there are numerous spying apps available to parents which essentially encourage a parent to digitally stalk their child (see this article for more info). Although I am aware of the dangers posed to children online, I maintain that online communication offers a better alternative to all these spying apps unless we want children to grow up expecting to be intruded upon.


Sophie discussed the debate surrounding freedom of speech online and posed the question “where do we draw the line?” This ethical issue makes us go round in circles stating that offensive posts are morally wrong, but people who engineer these posts have the right to express their opinion. Sophie and I discussed where we draw the line; while for me it’s at media which targets an individual and a group and causes offence, Sophie draws the line at anything which incites violence on someone.

I also received some encouraging comments on my blog post. Sophie, Lewis, Katie and Jamie agree that we have the power to control what our potential employers can see on our social media; what they see is simply what we allow them to see.

hit the nail

For me, Katie hits the nail on the head when she says that we only have ourselves to blame if we aren’t hired after an employer finds dodgy content on our social media. I would even encourage a potential employer to look on social media as it sifts those who are serious and mindful about maintaining a professional, positive image from those who neglect their online profile.


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