My Final Reflective Post

not googbye

I have chosen to finish #UOSM2033 in the same way I started it: by creating a website. Although I found navigating around WordPress difficult at the beginning of the module, once I got used to the facilities, I very much enjoyed creating blog posts.

I have created a Weebly website where my final reflective post can be found as well as a Vlog which I made with a fellow blogger, Katie and a Storify which summarises my journey. The website also has links to all of my online identities. I particularly like Weebly because of the slideshow facility which I hope you enjoy as well.

This link will take you to my website The background photo is one I took myself of Triana in Sevilla. This also blends in with the background to my WordPress blog and Twitter profile which are also photos which I took in Sevilla during my Year Abroad.

While I wave goodbye to #UOSM2033, I am not saying goodbye to my professional online profile. Now I am aware of its importance, I will continue developing, updating and improving it!

Thank you #UOSM2033, Lisa, Sarah and all my fellow bloggers!

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