Reflecting on multiple online identities

The most challenging part of blogging about online identities was concluding at 400 words as there is simply so much to say and expand on. I was blown away by my colleagues’ imaginative responses; while I concentrated more on separating the advantages from the disadvantages to reach a conclusion, others focused on specific elements within … More Reflecting on multiple online identities

Reconsidering digital “visitors” and “residents”

Writing my first blog post (ever) wasn’t a walk in the park as I felt that I struggled to find a happy medium between an informal and formal voice, edging slightly closer to formality. However, I found that reading my colleagues’ posts was extremely useful and will give me more confidence in my next post. … More Reconsidering digital “visitors” and “residents”

Digital “visitors” and “residents”: How can you be a visitor whilst in your own home?

Prensky’s (2001) dichotomy of digital ‘natives’ and ‘immigrants’ is very much based on the idea that age shapes one’s computing competence. He compares entering the digital world to learning a new language in the sense that ‘natives’ (those who are born into the internet generation) have digital competence as a mother-tongue, while immigrants (those who … More Digital “visitors” and “residents”: How can you be a visitor whilst in your own home?